James Podsiadly Speaks Ambitiously On Mental Health

James Podsiadly former Geelong Premiership Player, also Adelaide Crows champion player and assistant coach, was the guest speaker for our Ambitious Initiative Program 2018.

Speaking candidly on mental health, James spoke of a close family member and their struggle with mental illness during early life. He also spoke the deep sadness that he felt after his grandfather passed away, without seeing James play his first AFL game. A man who was his best friend, mentor, and hero.

James continued his presentation. He spoke of being awoken at 5:50 am one morning by a phone call asking him to come to the Adelaide Football Ground. On arrival the club informed the playing group, support staff and officials of the tragic death overnight of their coach Phillip Walsh. The football club was brilliant as to how they dealt with the grief and support for the playing group.

From left: Alex Pearce (Fremantle Football Club), Jamie Hayward (Premiership coach of Ulverstone Football Club), James Podsiadly (former Geelong Premiership player, Adelaide Crows player and assistance coach) and Scott Pearce (President of Ulverstone Football Club).

James concluded his presentations with a Q & A segment hosted by Jamie Hayward, current Premiership coach of the Ulverstone Football Club. The function was held at the Ulverstone Football Club function room, where over 100 guests, players, had gathered to hear James speak. They listened intently in silence, with absolute focus on the speaker, during the 45 minutes presentation.