What to bring?

Get ready for an amazing week of RYLA. Here is a list of things to pack and bring with you:
We will be participating in lots of different activities across the week. Be prepared to be outside every day. We have the opportunity to make use of the facilities available at Camp Clayton. We recommend you pack some active wear and comfortable, warm clothes which you can move around in freely.

  • Bring a combination of comfortable clothing to last for the whole week
  • It can get quiet cold at Camp Clayton during late autumn, so ensure you have enough layers to add and take off as the weather changes. Bring a warm coat, beanie, and/or scarf if you feel the cold.
  • Include active wear, track suit, jeans, jumper, t-shirts , long sleeved T’s for your daily outfits
  • Semi-formal outfit for the Presentation Dinner, including shoes—similar attire to what you would wear for a special dinner at a restaurant.
  • Two pairs of closed-in, comfortable shoes, such as sneakers, for during the day activities. (We recommend you bring a spare in case of wet weather). Slippers or thongs to wear in your room. Don’t forget shoes to go with your outfit for the formal Presentation Dinner.
  • Waterproof coat, spray jacket and/or umbrella in case of rain
  • Underwear; socks (don’t laugh! You don’t want to be that person who forgot!)
  • Musical instrument, if you play one.
  • Bedding—quilt, sleeping bag or warm doona; pillow, pillow slip, sheets, extra blanket if you get cold easily 
  • Bath towel, and a spare
  • Toiletries— including deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc
  • Any medication you need
  • Any stationery you may want. You will be provided with a RYLA folder containing a note book and pen and a programme for the week; along with a water bottle.
  • Small day bag for carrying a notebook, water bottle, etc
  • Laptop or iPad, if you want, plus chargers. There will be internet access at camp. There will also be a printer, and laptop to share.
  • Camera, if you want one
  • Your phone and charger. Please note: use of phones during sessions will NOT be allowed. Please limit the use of your phone, personal internet use and use of ‘phone apps’ while at RYLA.
  • Money for incidentals during the week and for lunch on the way home
  • Yoga mat (Optional)
  • There are laundry facilities available at Bayside Lodge if you need. Bring coins for the washing machine.
  • Bring your SMILE, hopes and plans to share with your fellow RYLArians, as well as a positive outlook, an open mind, a sense of wonder and adventure. 

Be ready for fun, friendship, laughter, hugs and a great time during your RYLA week!

If you have any queries on your ‘what to bring’ or ‘how to get there’, please contact us: 
info@rylatas.org.au     Julie: 0419 39 0770

Planning your trip

Please make sure you have lunch BEFORE arriving at Camp Clayton, or bring something to eat and have when you first arrive. We will not be able to provide lunch for you on your arrival.
Allow time along your journey to Ulverstone to stop for breaks as you need; so calculate your travel time and leave with time extra. If you are travelling from the South, there are still road works in place along the Midlands Highway, and this will slow your driving speed.
Please arrive between 12:30 and 12:45 p.m. This will give you time to unpack your car, settle into your room and meet everyone before our 1:00 p.m. start. 
Where are you going
RYLA is held at Camp Clayton, 41 Clayton Road, Ulverstone

How to get there

Camp Clayton is located on the Bass Highway, regardless of whether you are travelling from the east or the west. It is located between Turners Beach and Ulverstone, on the ‘beach side’ of the highway. The Camp is signposted but can be easily missed. If you are travelling from the east, there is a slip lane on the highway allowing you to turn right, across the oncoming traffic, into Clayton Road, allowing access to the camp.
RYLA is hosted at Bayside Lodge within the Camp Clayton site. Follow the arrow directions on the driveway within the Camp to find us there. 
You can find a site map for Camp Clayton on their website if you want to get your bearings before arriving.

Your accommodation

You will be sharing a ‘dorm-style’ room with 2 or 3 other RYLArians. The rooms have bunk beds and a shared bathroom. There are other communal bathrooms/toilets close by which you can use, if you need.
Bayside has a seminar room attached to the dorms where we will meet to have our daily workshops, listen to the keynote speakers, etc. There is a large on-site dining room where we eat our main meals. We use the on-site gym hall for a number of activities, as well as the grassed areas and other on-site recreational equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to arrive later than 12:40, please phone either–  
Julie: 0419 39 0770 or Jenny: 0419 686 647
See you at Camp Clayton on Sunday 6 May 
Camp Clayton is a drug and alcohol-free site. NO alcohol or illicit drugs are permitted to be brought on the site. There are some designated areas away from the accommodation where smoking is allowed.